At Farm Trans, we are always on the move. Literally and figuratively. We develop and grow as a company. Our employees are invaluable in this process. We like to give them the opportunity to get the most out of themselves.

With our Farm Trans Academy, we invest in both our current and future employees. By offering training, we are able to respond accurately to the ambitions of our employees and Farm Trans itself.

By encouraging the personal motivation and initiative of our employees, we build a professional team that is also highly involved and motivated!

In addition to the regular programmes, our Academy also focuses on the daily supervision of our drivers. We strive for the best driver on the right transport.

We are convinced that we have the most qualified people in our industry, both in the office and on the road!

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” ~ Harold Taylor

FT academy 1
FT academy 2

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