Connected Services

Are you looking for a personal and innovative partner who, in consultation with you, can map out the most efficient route in Europe? Our Connected Services department offers a complete package of logistics services to take care of your logistics operations throughout Europe. 

Transport network in Europe

With our extensive transport network in Europe, we offer extremely reliable, sustainable and cost-saving solutions for your inbound and outbound logistics flows. As a frontrunner in the field of IT, we can assure optimised processes based on real-time information.

Linking data flows

Our Connected Services department focuses on managing logistics flows throughout Europe. We use advanced IT systems and real-time data management, which are securely linked to your data flows. As a result, you will have insight into your entire logistics operation.
In collaboration with you, our Connected Services team focuses on:

  • On-time performance
  • Cost development
  • Sustainability
  • Safety

This provides you with a single point of contact for all your European deliveries.

Customised solutions

We will be happy to discuss suitable customised solutions with you. Because we work together with selected contract partners, we can guarantee sufficient fleet capacity, consistent quality and a high level of knowledge of our specialists and partners. This allows us to provide your complete logistics services across Europe.

Real-time information

Connected Services always provides you with real-time information. You will have access to our data dashboards. Your planning department and ours can see the logistics flows at a glance with these data dashboards, providing insight into where optimisation is possible.

Driving into the future

Our vision is to bring logistics to the world of tomorrow. We are happy to cooperate with you to make delivery schedules as ecological as possible and to include your customers in these efforts. Cost optimisation, to your advantage, is made possible by the fact that we can effortlessly optimise routes based on our real-time information. Our Connected Services and Sales teams will be happy to tell you more.

more efficiency and more transparency in your supply chain

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