Food safety

Whether it concerns the transport of fresh or frozen products, raw bulk materials and products, organic or agricultural products: we ensure that each transport meets the highest quality requirements with regard to food safety.

Our logistics process is fully geared to a certified quality management system. Safety, hygiene and quality are continuously monitored and optimised. The same goes for how we train our planners and drivers.

We have a professional quality team and a QESH manager at our disposal. QESH stands for Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.

Together, all these aspects guarantee, with the help of the food safety system based on HACCP principles, that every transport meets the legal requirements. In addition to compliance with the HACCP principles, Farm Trans has a ‘GMP+ FSA B4 Transport’ certificate to guarantee animal feed safety during transport and the ‘BRC S&D’ certificate to guarantee food safety during the (un)conditioned transport of packaged foodstuffs.

Our comprehensive live reports offer you the opportunity to almost literally follow the transport. Our administration accurately registers storage and transshipment activities. In this way, you know exactly where your products are and under what circumstances.

We are very much aware of the vulnerability of the food we transport. This means that short lead times and state-of-the-art transport equipment are a matter of course for us.

Good hygiene starts with the basics: the vehicle. That is why we have our in-house car wash, which is specifically designed to clean cargo areas where food and nutrition are transported. Our fleet management team ensures that the equipment is maintained in a timely and accurate manner.

Together safely on our way, that’s what we strive for.

Farm Trans voedselveiligheid
Farm Trans voedselveiligheid


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