As a logistics service provider, we are always on the move. We are literally and figuratively in motion in the field of innovation; not only on the road but also on the road towards it.

Focus on innovation

From the very beginning, our focus has been on innovation. We analyse trends and developments and then select the most suitable techniques for the world of tomorrow: a world in which we serve our customers in the best possible way and where we always strive to exceed expectations.

Leader in the field of ICT

As a leader in the field of ICT, we continuously invest in our systems. This also applies to our telematics system, with which our trailers and sub-contractors are equipped throughout Europe.


Using this valuable data, our planners can optimise services and routes. Our goal? The use of cross-docking, with which we cleverly combine different flows of goods. In this way, we increase efficiency within the chain, with the significant advantage that we reduce CO2 emissions and transport costs.


We share our information not only with our back office but also with our customers and partners. Providing transparency guarantees that we actually deliver on our promises.

Driving into the future

Innovatie Farm Trans
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