A high degree of customer satisfaction is key

24 September 2020

In a rapidly changing market a high degree of customer satisfaction is key for a business to survive. As a future oriented company Farm Trans is continuously working on the optimisation of customer satisfaction. Together with the operational departments the sales department monitors customer demands and expectations. By implementing customer satisfaction surveys these departments receive the right customer feedback.

Knowledge is power

‘In order to anticipate our customer needs, we have started to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Based on the results we can further optimise our services. This enables us to serve our customers even better in the future’, says Adriaan de Bruijne.

Start-up phase

‘In the start-up phase we put together a project team with colleagues from various departments. The customer satisfaction team drew up a solid questionnaire, selected a supplier and initiated a test phase so that we can send out optimal customer surveys. The team monitors the results so that feedback can be sent immediately.

Survey results

‘Upon receipt of the survey results we upload the average customer satisfaction rating and the customer feedback on our website. In this way others can read about the feedback of our services. In our opinion it is important to be transparent about customer feedback and we are fully confident in a good customer rating!’, says Adriaan.

West-Brabantse ondernemers: ‘Tijd om te stoppen met sturen op ic-bedden’ Adriaan de Bruijne, CEO Farm Trans
Adriaan de Bruijne, CEO Farm Trans