Connected Services: a total package of logistical services

8 July 2020

Dennis Timmermans has been working at Farm Trans for 13 years. As a Logistics Coordinator he’s responsible for all processes at the Connected Services Department. We’re going to pay him a visit to discover more about the Connected Services Department and find out the reason why this department is of such importance for Farm Trans.

Versatile job

‘We’re currently busy with the implementation of a new carrier after a procurement procedure. This carrier was awarded the contract and now we’re setting up an action plan. A procurement commence when a customer has a demand for a specific country regarding the reorganisation of the transportation system. Then a selection procedure follows and the carrier is selected that offers the best price/quality ratio.

What is Connected Services?

At Connected Services we offer a total package of logistical services. In this way we can manage a total package for a customer throughout Europe. In addition, our IT system provides for easy and safe data linking with our customers. Ok, and what do you do with these data flows? We make customized reports, including performance reports, CO2 reduction reports or cost reduction reports.

Added value for customers

At Connected Services we offer a total solution. We take care of a large part of the logistical operations and offer customized solutions. The customer has one operational contact point. In this way, speed and flexibility in the supply chain will improve. The uniqueness of this concept is that we both have the intelligence of a Control Tower and the pragmatic mentality of a carrier.

Focus points

At Connected Services we focus on safety, quality and sustainability. For us it is very important that our business partners focus on the same objectives. And they are very decisive factors  in our selection policy. The vision of Connected Services is to bring logistics to a higher level, to the world of tomorrow, and to become a leading player in the market’, explaines Dennis Timmermans.

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