Data Management, a closer look on reporting

26 August 2020

Our focus on data management originates from the need to have more insight into our operational process. We want to improve our services based on facts and figures. And to do this we need information.

Data makes a difference

Optimizing the operational key figures within our sector is an important part where we can stand out. For example, we can improve stocking densities by creating space-saving solutions for our trailers. We can use these data to optimize routes and make adjustments if necessary, of which both our company and our customers may benefit.

Customer demand

We also share real-time data with our customers more frequently. We do not only share data from the Analysis & Control Department, but we are also concrete and transparent which enables us to start the optimization process together. Eventually, this ensures mutual benefit for both our company and our customers.

Efficient transport

Due to our data management system we get more insight why bottlenecks occur. The results help us to transport the same load in the most efficient way. We do this by minimizing the number of kilometres in accordance with customer agreements, which will lead to financial gain and a potential reduction of CO2 emissions.

Planning based on data

We use state-of-the-art techniques to convert data into functional information. The “Farm Trans Dashboard” is synchronized to provide this information internally, which is very helpful for an efficient planning.

Efficient process

In the logistical process customer orders are usually placed last minute, which made it very complicated to make a planning. The introduction of the Dashboard has changed everything. The system classifies orders in loading and unloading time frames so now we exactly know how many orders we still can process within each time frame. The Planning Department has become more transparent and we are able to respond to our customer demands in a flexible and adequate way.

Farm Trans Dashboard

Our customers receive accurate information through our innovative logistical software. We supply transparent and extensive live reports. Upon request, we deploy our Farm Trans Dashboard at the customer’s location.

Real-time reports

Live reports can be viewed via the Dashboard which is very beneficial for refrigerated and bulk transport. For example, the Bulk Planning Department of a potato processing plant has insight in order loading and unloading time frames at the plant through real-time reports. The Planning Department of the processing plant is informed and transport will be arranged on time. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is constantly visible for refrigerated transport which allows the customer to provide information directly to the unloading address.

Find out more about our live reports.