GPS tracker traces pea harvester machines

15 July 2020

During the canning season the Bulk Planning Department at Farm Trans is extremely busy. Planners and drivers work around the clock on the most accurate transportation planning and performance. Because canned foods need to be transported from the field to the factory as quickly as possible this requires a strict planning. In order to assist the planners and drivers, a number of pea harvester machines are equipped with a GPS tracker.

Accurate coordination

Canned foods, such as peas and beans, are summer vegetables. In June the harvest season starts and large pea harvester machines thresh the food to be canned so that trucks can supply the factories. Because these vegetables need to be processed within five hours, the harvest and transportation processes must be well-coordinated.

GPS trackers

This week three GPS trackers were installed on pea harvester machines in France and one GPS tracker in Belgium. Max Numan, bulk planner at Farm Trans: ‘Because the harvest season is a relatively short period and our load capacity is 24/7, the transportation process is ongoing, even at night. Sometimes it is difficult for our drivers to detect the harvester machines on the vast fields also if we do not have a correct address. The GPS trackers indicate the precise location on the field.’

Customer benefit

The big advantage for the customer and for us is that loading is even more efficient. ‘The Planning Department knows the exact location of the harvester machine and so the driver is guided to the precise loading location. This streamlines the loading and transportation process.’

Next season

We are not sure whether to invest in more GPS trackers next season. ‘We first have to see if this pilot is a success before we decide to install more GPS trackers on the harvester machines. So far, we have received positive reactions, so I do not rule out this possibility.’

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