Technical aspects fleet

12 August 2020

Farm Trans is continuously working on safety, quality and innovation. We also incorporate these values in our fleet. Today I take a look inside our most modern truck with Nick, our technical expert. Nick is going to tell me all about the technical features of this truck.

Driver’s Assist

As we can see from the outside, it’s a real eye-catcher. One of the specialties of this truck are the cameras instead of mirrors. Also, this truck is fitted with Driver’s Assist, which allows the truck to help the driver when he or she is on the road.

Mirror Cams

These trucks are equipped with “Mirror Cams”, they give the driver a clear overview when manoeuvring, but also when driving in traffic they definitely give more visibility than with normal mirrors.

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Side Guard

There is a “Side Guard” on these trucks, it keeps a constant eye on pedestrians and cyclists. When there is a cyclist and the driver wants to turn off, the driver will be given a distinct warning signal from the truck and, if necessary, the truck will also brake.

Active Break Assist

The trailer is fitted with an “Active Break Assist”. This means the trailer can make an emergency stop, if necessary. Also, if there’s a traffic jam or cars start slowing down in front of the trailer, the trailer will be able to slow down gradually. This is definitely an advantage for the driver.