Vlog: Brexit and UK business development

17 December 2020

The year 2020 has been very dynamic for all of us. And 2021 will start off just as dynamic due to Brexit. How did Farm Trans prepare for Brexit and UK business development? And how can we move your business forward in logistics? Please find out in this vlog.

Focus on processes

It took us some time to organise everything smoothly. The most important thing we did was finding a reliable partner to take care of the customs formalities. It is important that we try to fully organise this in IT systems to minimise manual intervention.

Why automation?

Because of the reliability and a high capacity. Volumes are increasing. We also receive more and more requests. People want to take concrete steps to prepare themselves for post-Brexit logistics. We as Farm Trans are ready for this, we can handle those volumes. We see opportunities and can serve existing customers well in this. Especially with the support of our Connected Services department at Farm Trans.

What does Connected Services mean?

Connected Services is our wide network covering the whole of Europe. From Europe we can arrange for transportation to the UK.

Advantage of a UK office

In the UK we have a branch office. We have applied for new licences regarding the expansion in order to offer more transportation services in the UK. Examples of these services are accompanied, unaccompanied and reefer logistics in Bulk and Conditioned transport. We can offer everything for a good logistical service to and from the UK. We foresee an enormous potential for further expansion and so we take this opportunity.

Ready to serve customers after Brexit

In short, we are ready to serve our customers after Brexit! We are looking forward to it. It’s going to be an exciting time, for everyone in the market. That’s for sure.

If you would like to have more information about our Brexit preparations, UK business development and how we can move your business forward in logistics, please visit our website, social media channels or contact our Sales Team!