Vlog Conditioned Transport

4 November 2020

In these times of Covid-19 Farm Trans focusses on network optimization in order to guarantee the efficiency of its services. Eli Smeding, Manager Conditioned Transport, explains how he does this and how Farm Trans gains valuable lessons in these times of crisis.

Management position conditioned transport

‘At Farm Trans I’m responsible for all conditioned transport. We closely collaborate with our subsidiaries in England, Poland and Belgium and serve the Benelux, Germany and England with our own fleet. Furthermore, we also have our Connected Services which enables us to use different partners to supply the countries that we ourselves do not supply.

Department conditioned transport

Efficient daily planning of the customer’s goods taking into account the service-level-agreements, agreements on performances and conditions on product supply: these are our main day-to-day activities. And of course the cost efficiency from our perspective.

Corona crisis

Together with the customer we have to try and face the challenge. Naturally, they also put a limit to their delivery times because they have less funds. You also need to focus on safety in the process, for drivers and at the office; and still observing the cost efficiency. And, obviously, to deliver the performance our customers expect.

Strategic partners

We use strategic partners who support us in our fine-mazed distribution. We select on a daily basis as to which customers who can run our distribution in the most efficient way. In this way our vehicles have a high load factor and are capable of transporting more volume with less vehicles.

Conditioned transport in 5 years

In five years we will be a well-known and innovative logistics service provider that meets the customer needs, both in the field of warehousing and transport. We will have a fleet that moves with its times in order to achieve the actual reduction of Co2 emissions. And we will be known as a pleasant employer.

vlog geconditioneerd transport Eli Smeding Farm Trans

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