Vlog: cooperation with customers

8 October 2020

Sustainable customer relations are very important to Farm Trans, because this is the key for a future oriented company. In this vlog Tom Steenmeijer, Sales Manager at Farm Trans, explains more about his work and the cooperation with customers.

Sales at Farm Trans

The sales department is responsible for maintaining our existing customers and we are busy attracting new customers. We do this for the three divisions at Farm Trans; the Bulk Department, the Conditioned Department and besides this we also support the Connected Services Department.

Sustainable Transport

We often receive questions from our customers what Farm Trans can do in the field of sustainable transport, or what we are already doing as a company. For this reason I’m a member of the Sustainability Team at Farm Trans; and together with the customer we apply the correct sustainable solution.

Please find out more about customer satisfaction here.

Sustainable Customer Relations

At Farm Trans customers are treated as real customers, and they must feel satisfied to have Farm Trans as their carrier. So besides that we are doing our utmost in what we do, it should be a pleasure to drive with Farm Trans. Besides the customer / provider relationship we try to go further and to advise our customers on how to improve their logistical operations. Communication and confidence are the two main driving forces at Farm Trans.

On-time performance rapportage

An on-line performance report is a dashboard that we provide our customers. A KPI is predefined and is our on-time performance. With this we give our customer an insight into his logistical operations. This enables us to create transparency, what happens becomes actually visible, and he gains more insight into the process of his products at his customers. From here we continue to develop in order to achieve higher performances. On the one hand at Farm Trans, on the other hand at the customer.