Vlog: Customer Service department

3 February 2021

Our Customer Service department plays an important part in our organisation in customer inquiries and customer contact. Michiel van Gerwen and Rochelle Domenie tell about the activities at their department, the power of Customer Service and all the new technologies.

Teamlead Customer Service

Michiel van Gerwen: ‘I am Teamlead Customer Service at Farm Frans and Manager of a team of in total 7 persons. We advise customers and from that moment we guide them through the entire process, such as order-entry, supervising the order and the entire administrative process afterwards.

Focus department

We mainly focus on groupage and loads throughout Europe. We do this in collaboration with our own Connected Services Department and Planning Departments.

Filing complaints

We register complaints and report them to the Management so that they can find a way to take our performance to a higher level.

Customer Service assistent

As a Customer Service assistant you need to have a constructive approach towards your customer. You also need to have a solution-oriented approach in solving potential issues. And you inform the customer about the status of their order. Customers also contact us by phone to pass on changes to their order, or if they want to file a complaint. This is our main business.

Important qualities Customer Service assistant

As a Customer Services assistant it is important to have empathy. Communication is another important skill. You need to communicate in a clear and calm way to the customer. And you must be solution-oriented and must have a constructive approach towards customers.

Development department

We are currently very busy with several automation projects. We aim to automate as many manual activities as possible which will lead to more time to develop customised services in collaboration with the customer.

Real power Customer Service

Our power is that we are a diverse team. Our team disposes of a lot of knowledge, drive and business experience. Every day we are really dedicated to put customer satisfaction to a higher level.’