Walking Floor transport after Brexit

6 January 2021

On Sunday morning 3 January 2021 Farm Trans successfully unloaded its first post-Brexit cargo in the United Kingdom by using Walking Floor trailers.

Walking Floor transport outside the EU

Joost Blom, manager Walking Floor: ‘As the United Kingdom is no longer in the EU, Walking Floor transportation to and from the UK has now become an even more specialised form of transport. We as Farm Trans have fully prepared ourselves for Brexit and therefore we are an expert in this specialism and are capable in serving our customers throughout the whole process.’

Extra documentation outside the EU

From 1 January 2021 additional information is needed about freights because the UK has left the EU and various customs requirements must be met. It is also required to provide shipping information beforehand, such as dispatch notes, cargo lists and product codes. ‘For customers this means that we load the product quicker and ask for this shipping information beforehand and forward these data to various chain partners.’

Walking Floor transport na Brexit

The demand for Walking Floor transport to the UK is increasing

We’ve noticed that the demand for Walking Floor transport to the UK is increasing. Farm Trans can quickly fulfil customer demands and meet their needs, because we have the knowledge and access to various essential systems. This means that the customer can give complete control to us. In consultation with our customer’s needs regarding the desired lead time we plan a suitable transport that arrives on the right time and at the right destination’, says Joost.

Do you need transport to the UK?

We offer all kinds of modalities, such as Walking Floor, Bulk and Conditioned, for an efficient and safe transportation of your product to the UK by ferry or via Eurotunnel. We are flexible and have a constructive approach in finding the right transportation solution for you. Would you like to know more about our logistical solutions outside the UK? Please feel free to contact our Sales Team by clicking this link.