Why is sustainability so important in times of crisis?

22 July 2020

Farm Trans takes sustainability very seriously. This year and in the coming years the priority will be to create a sustainable company with an internal and external focus. Together with Deborah Kuppens, consultant at Finch & Beak, we discuss sustainability in the business sector during times of crisis.

Why is sustainability so important at this moment?

For many companies the corona crisis is a turbulent period. Working from home has caused a sizeable distance between colleagues. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to motivate their staff even more and to show even more commitment. More focus on efficiency, for example driving more economically, can contribute to a stable and healthy organisation. The same goes for the creation of a healthy and safe working environment for staff. These sustainable employership elements start with a sustainability strategy.

How can you set up a sustainability strategy during the corona crisis?

It is important that the company sets a clear direction which is future proof. From here sustainability targets are drawn up. In order to improve the organisation, measuring and adjusting of these targets is an important part of the strategy’s implementation. Conducting an employee satisfaction survey is a good example.

How do you involve employees in a sustainability strategy?

  • It is important that employees feel involved in the organisation. Transparency and frequent information about the current situation is essential.
  • Give priority to the employees’ wellbeing and health. Preventive measures help to create a healthy working environment.

kick-off sustainability Farm Trans, betrokken medewerkers voor een beter resultaat

What suggestions can help organisations in the implementation of sustainability?

  1. The right focus: know what you want to focus on, then the implementation process speeds-up.
  2. Measurability: make sure that you can measure the sustainability progression. Then you know the points for improvement and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  3. Next steps: formulate clear next steps, for example on a monthly basis, in order to have a clear view as an organisation on how to implement the targets. What do you want to do, who is going to do it and when is it done.
  4. Just do it! Start small, so you can scale-up in the long term. Involve your employees as much as you can in the process.

Has Covid-19 had an impact on the sustainability strategy of Farm Trans?

Farm Trans has formed a team to ensure their sustainability strategy during the crisis. The team fully focuses on the continuation of all operational processes. Prevention and the commitment of all employees play an important part in this. Motivated and healthy staff is not always self-evident according to Farm Trans. Also other sustainability targets in the field of safety and decreasing CO2 emissions have our unabated attention during times of crisis. Driving into the future!

Finch & Beak is specialised in finding solutions to accelerate the sustainability process within organisations and, subsequently, prevent the organisation of ending up in a “reporting trap”. In other words: actions rather than words! And we can relate to this.