Farm Trans was founded in 1987 by our current logistics adviser, Theo Bos. As a leader in the field of ICT and with a focus on food transport, we have distinguished ourselves from the origin.

Bulk & Conditioned

We have expanded over the past thirty years: from bulk to conditioned transport and from one location (Moerdijk) to two (Moerdijk and Lebork, Poland).

Our drive

We have also grown in size: from a one-person business to a leading company with more than 400 motivated employees. From national to international, from limited to unlimited. Our drive? Together we make a success of Farm Trans!

Full service

That is how we have developed into the Farm Trans of today: a full-service provider in logistics. Every client is unique.


Sustainability and optimisation will be our focus over the coming years: more efficient use of data, increasing knowledge of our employees, professional training and reducing CO2 emissions.

driving into the future

Our journey

Are you curious about the possibilities in bulk and conditioned transport?