Our Story

At Farm Trans, everything revolves around the transport of foodstuffs. We know exactly what food transport involves: from bulk to conditioned, and by road, water and rail.

Innovative service

Innovative and sustainable service is in our DNA. We combine our agricultural roots with years of experience in international food transport and a healthy commercial spirit. As a logistics service provider in bulk and conditioned products, you can contact us for any transport request.

Leader in field of ICT

We are a close-knit, innovative, committed and driven team and, as a leader in the field of ICT, we can meet the expectations of our customers like no one else.

For more information about our services, please contact our sales team.

Ons verhaal Farm Trans, our story Adriaan de Bruijne CEO

Adriaan, CEO Farm Trans

Modern & extensive fleet

Our business has an international character, and we have a modern and extensive fleet of vehicles. This gives us the opportunity to react decisively at peak times.

Planet proof

We are Planet Proof and naturally opt for the most sustainable solutions. Our extensive live reports ensure transparency in the chain and take efficiency to the highest level.

The result? A full-service transport company that serves our customers seven days a week, day and night.

We always go for the best result via the most beautiful route!

Ons verhaal Farm Trans, our story
Ons verhaal Farm Trans, our story

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