Sustainable transport

Our agricultural background assures that we have a greater respect for our planet. As a transport company, we innovate and invest in sustainable transport by always opting for a sustainable solution wherever possible. The ‘Sustainable employer’ and ‘Sustainable Partner’ pillars are the focus of our sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable employer

We believe that success always starts internally. As an employer, we are therefore committed to a healthy and safe work environment and help our employees to achieve their goals. We strongly believe that our colleagues deserve a pleasant work environment. Thanks to our QESH department, our HR department, and the driver coordination team, we can build a workplace where all employees feel at home and safe and where they can be seen. In this way we can bring in new talent in our organisation.

Sustainable partner

At Farm Trans we continuously invest in reducing our ecological footprint. We do this by, among others, focusing on reducing the CO2 emissions from our vehicles and using advanced IT systems for efficient planning. This enables us to minimise any negative impact on the environment. As a sustainable partner, we work with chain partners by picking up and combining projects together.

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Driving Planet Proof into the future

Farm Trans duurzaam transport
Farm Trans duurzaam transport

Facts sustainable transport

  • ECOSTARS has rated us with a maximum score of 5 stars;
  • The driver coordination team is especially there for support and coaching of our drivers;
  • Our sustainability team works together with all employees to integrate sustainability into the corporate culture of Farm Trans;
  • We invest in state-of-the-art IT systems and a modern fleet;
  • We support local initiatives through our partner foundation Stichting Anders.

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