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Farm Trans Eastern Europe: Collaboration is key

“Collaborating closely with each other is what makes our operation successful."
11 | 04 | 2024

This location closely collaborates internally as well as with the other Farm Trans branches. As a result, Farm Trans Eastern Europe organises transport not only throughout Eastern Europe, but across all of Europe and the UK. In this article, three colleagues from Farm Trans Eastern Europe explain more about their roles and the collaboration with other locations.


Challenges and solutions

Alicja Stompor has worked as a team leader of the Bulk Department at Farm Trans Eastern Europe since 2021. What does this role entail? She is responsible for all bulk activities in Central and Eastern Europe, supporting planners where necessary, resolving challenges and coming up with new solutions to help the department to grow. Before Alicja started at Farm Trans, she had heard many positive stories from people she knew who worked there.

Alicja explains that solidarity is central at Farm Trans Eastern Europe: “Collaborating closely with each other and our partners is what makes our operation successful. We share knowledge every day and try to find solutions together.” This collaborative effort is vital throughout all of Farm Trans, Alicja continues: “We collaborate with colleagues from the Dutch Bulk Department. The Walking Floor Department in the Netherlands uses a few of our trucks. We are in contact on daily basis.”

We face new challenges every day, and no one day is the same as the next. Alicja: “When I first started at Farm Trans, it was impressive to see how many potatoes we import at the Bulk Department. I consider it a great responsibility to be in charge of all these potatoes.”


Versatility at its best

Marcin Kleina, Administration Specialist for Fleet & QESH, has been responsible for several activities since 2016: from vehicle licences and damage to quality certificates and office equipment. Marcin explains why he choose Farm Trans in the first place: “Farm Trans is a major company, well known in our region and throughout Europe. Farm Trans also offers great development opportunities.”

Collaboration and communication are the two main facets of Marcin’s work: “I believe that with good communication and collaboration with other departments, we can achieve great success together.” This not only applies to his colleagues at Farm Trans Eastern Europe: Marcin also collaborates frequently with his Dutch colleagues in the Damage, Fleet and QESH Departments.

The most valuable lesson he has learned? Marcin: “I have learned that nothing is impossible. As a group, we can handle anything and solve any problem that comes our way.” Implementing the quality systems, for example, was quite an educational project. Marcin explains that he sees his department as a place full of positive energy, respect and mutual support.


Good contact with and for the drivers

Driver Coordinator and Planner Klaudiusz Lange’s role focuses on the drivers and their trucks. He monitors driver performance, works with them to improve via training sessions and ensures lower fuel consumption. The main reason why Klaudiusz chose Farm Trans? Klaudiusz: “Farm Trans offered me the opportunity to develop myself on a professional and personal level.”

Klaudiusz is confronted with new challenges every day. His favourite challenge is preparing the drivers: “I do all the planning for the drivers, deciding who works where. Suppose a driver is unable to work, I will try to work with that person to resolve the problem. I also handle any unforeseen, challenging situations that may come up with the trucks. For example, this might be a flat tyre or some other kind damage. I always try to find the best possible solution.”

Learning patience and building good communication is one most important lessons that Klaudiusz has learned: “You need good communication with the drivers and everyone has to support one another. That’s why I have so much contact with the Academy in the Netherlands. It makes the work easier for everyone.” The contact he has with the drivers is also the most fun part of Klaudiusz’s role: “All the drivers are very friendly. I am here for them when they need me, and when I need them, they are ready to help.”


This close collaboration is key throughout the company, as Alicja, Marcin and Klaudiusz all confirm. Their stories illustrate how close collaboration impacts our daily activities: from addressing challenges to implementing innovative solutions. Farm Trans Eastern Europe thrives thanks to its strong focus on communication and mutual support. The collaboration among all the team members within the entire Farm Trans operation contributes to our ongoing efforts to improve our services.