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Farm Trans Germany GMBH: the story of expansion and innovation

A milestone and many opportunities
08 | 05 | 2024

In this first article in a series of four, you read more about Farm Trans Germany GMBH. Subsequent articles will focus on Farm Trans Bulk Logistics, Farm Trans Conditioned, and Farm Trans Warehousing.

Farm Trans continues to innovate and expand, with the founding of Farm Trans Germany as the latest milestone. Tjaco Joon, who started at Farm Trans almost two years ago, led the search for the site of our new Germany entity.

In the end, a location east of Venlo (NL) was chosen on German soil. After the founding of a GmbH at this location, Tjaco took on the Business Development role. He focuses on both the commercial development of the German market and the strategic management of the fleet. Over the years, Farm Trans has grown to become a logistics service provider in the food sector. Tjaco explains: “Our strength is staying within the food sector. Both bulk and temperature-controlled transport present unique challenges.

Serving the German market with a German fleet from our own GmbH offers lots of advantages. The German market is also five times larger than the Dutch market. Tjaco adds: “Not only is Germany five times larger than Holland, but it can also take five times as long to get something done. But after that, business dealings are handled five times faster.”

Farm Trans Germany provides operational solutions for bulk and temperature-controlled transport, primarily on the German market with its own German fleet. This ambition extends beyond just operational growth; Tjaco also sees commercial possibilities: “By the end of 2024, we aim to serve as added value for Farm Trans as a whole. Of course, we specialise in food transport and ‘We drive food forward’ is our credo.”

As of February 2024, this branch of Farm Trans has only been in operation for a few months. The objective for 2024? To have 75–100 FTEs and exclusively German operations and commerce. In 2024, Farm Trans Germany has been using a trucking model. The German trucks are deployed by the Farm Trans Bulk and Farm Trans Fresh & Frozen business units.

Tjaco is particularly focused on forming valuable partnerships in the future: “We want clients that are the right fit for us, so that’s what we look for first. Farm Trans Germany has a long-term vision. We are not interested in transporting one product for one client for one year: we want to enter into valuable partnerships for the long term.”

Both bulk and temperature-controlled transport have considerable potential on the German market, but the competition is also fierce. Tjaco adds: “Farm Trans Germany was partly founded to organise our transport as efficiently as possible. The goal is to bolster our competitive position internationally.”

Compiling an expert team is crucial for the growth of Farm Trans Germany: no people means no growth. Tjaco says: “In January 2023, Farm Trans Germany consisted of 0 people. One year later we have 32 drivers and 3 office employees.

To be able to grow, we have also very specifically prepared ourselves on how to best recruit people over the course of the year. From the moment we want to hire someone to when we schedule interviews and even when specific job openings must be posted online. We also want to increase the number of trucks. We now have 24 of our own trucks: at the end of 2024, this will be around 70 trucks.”

Farm Trans Germany is an entity that focuses on quality and growth. This entity is fully aware of its contribution and the impact it has. Tjaco still sees room for innovation: “Within three to five years, we will be part of an international, European logistics concept. I think that, in the coming years, Germany will grow in the broadest sense of the word: digital solutions, quality standards, certificates and size. Over the next few years, we will grow to become a serious enterprise that contributes in every way.”