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Safe customised transport

24 | 02 | 2022

In addition, our team builds strong customer relationships every day. Through close collaboration between our account managers and customers, our team is constantly on the move to improve your transport and logistics processes. Our transport and logistics experts think proactively, to serve the customer. Thus, we tailor our services for each customer.

One example is a commuter train with a special type of waiting car. Our customer purchases shuttle transport from us. The route for this shuttle transport passes through densely populated areas, such as residential areas. To carry out this work as safely as possible, Farm Trans bought new trucks specifically for this route late last year. The model of the trucks is a Volvo FM. These are very safe trucks that meet the safety requirements for this shuttle route. For example, the trucks are low, giving the driver good visibility from the cab. The trucks also have cameras on blind spots, among other things, and the truck can brake itself in emergency situations. Consideration has also been given to the noise level of trucks that have to pass through densely populated areas. For example, the trailer is electrically powered by the truck and these trucks have the quietest tyres.

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