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Vlog: Customer service department

03 | 02 | 2021
Team Lead Customer Service

As a Team Lead, I manage a team of 7 people in total. We advise the customer and from that point onwards we supervise the entire process, i.e. order entry, overseeing the order, including the entire administrative process involved.

Focus department

Our focus is on groupage and cargo services throughout Europe. We do this in collaboration with our own Connected Services department and our planning departments.

Complaints handling

As complaint handlers, we record complaints, then report them to management, so they have the information to ensure improvements.

Function Customer Service employee

As customer service representatives, we take a proactive approach, collaborating with our customers. Furthermore, we are always solution-oriented when it comes to resolving issues. We inform our customers of the order status. We also take calls from customers who, for example, want to make a change to an order, or lodge a complaint.

Customer service representative qualities

As a Customer Service Representative, it is important to be empathetic. Clear, calm communication is very important. Always in a solution-oriented way, collaborating with the customer.

Developments department

We are currently executing more automation processes. This allows us to automate manual work as much as possible. In this way, we gain more time so we can work with the customer, achieving customised service.

The Power of Customer Service

Our strength lies in the diversity of our teams and professionals. Our teams possess a great deal of knowledge and experience, and they are driven. Every day, our dedicated efforts contribute to greater customer satisfaction.

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