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Farm Trans speaks at ITT event
This year, Farm Trans attended Trimble Transport & Logistics' ITT event to talk about the long-standing partnership between Farm Trans and Trimble. For over 10 years, Farm Trans has been using various software packages by Trimble, and since 2021 we have started using Video Intelligence.
A Bulk Driver’s work environment
Are you curious about a bulk driver’s day-to-day work and what the working environment is really like? Then take a look at our driver, Rinus de Bruine. He talked about his experience as a driver and what he thinks of Farm Trans as an employer.
Earth Day | Investing in Our Planet
Today is Earth Day with this year's theme 'Investing in Our Planet'.
See the same as… Bulk Planner
Leano Ploeg (21) has been working at Farm Trans as a planner for our Bulk division for almost a year now . For as long as he can remember, he has been familiar with Farm Trans. His father started working as a truck driver there when Leano was born. As a child, he already started enjoying going off on truck drives with his father: "I used to go with him every holiday, as often as I could."
Employee in the Spotlight
As a little girl, Laura Griffin (53) joined her father on his truck.
Safe customised transport
Road and food safety is a key focus for Farm Trans. Day in and day out, our team is working to improve this safety.
Farm Trans streamlines the supply chain for a more efficient export process to the UK
Farm Trans has been providing bulk and conditioned transport to the UK for many years. Although Brexit posed challenges for many companies, Farm Trans managed to overcome these challenges and has since achieved growth, with increased shipments to the UK.

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