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A Bulk Driver’s work environment

12 | 05 | 2022

Are you curious about a bulk driver’s day-to-day work and what the working environment is really like? Then take a look at our driver, Rinus de Bruine. He talked about his experience as a driver and what he thinks of Farm Trans as an employer.

From Distribution to Bulk

In the transport sector, you often hear that someone ends up in this sector because of family connections. For Rinus, this was also the case. He went all over the place with his father. He started out in distribution, but since working at Farm Trans he has been a bulk driver. He likes it, “The work affords me much more freedom while working withe farmers, it’s just fantastic. The farmers are happy when you come to collect their potatoes.”

Equipment at Farm Trans

Rinus also likes the equipment he uses. Farm Trans’ trucks always have as many safety options as possible, and that truly stands out. “Like this truck, all the safety features are present. It’s just perfect!”, says Rinus.

Watch the video to hear what options there are!