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Connected Services

Your entire logistics process organised intelligently

Your logistics processes should be as efficient as possible. This is only possible if your transport process is running optimally. From start to finish, by road, water and rail. Connected Services takes care of it. As your Control Tower, we provide the right transport with the right services to streamline your logistics process.

With warehouse facilities in strategic locations and an extensive European transport network. You are given access and insights into how we make the most of each route. Customers outside Europe too. Farm Trans handles customs formalities and knows transport within the continent like no other.

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Get the most out of transport

There is more to your transport process than meets the eye. Fewer kilometres, more freight and more efficiency.  With Connected Services, we will optimise your transport process. We do this by establishing long-term partnerships. With people and technology, we collect and analyse your data to streamline your logistics process.

Large volumes? We do it. Our constantly growing fleet and extensive transport network allow us to scale up easily. We direct career management, account management and operational management and harness the power of IT and data with our Logistics Managements System (LMS). Our data analysts use all data to continuously optimise your logistics process. This is how we make transport better, more efficient and more sustainable together. 

Make the network work for you

With Connected Services, we have a clear view of all your transport flows across Europe, including the UK, to continuously optimise them. Ourselves, and with our extensive network of partners. Our data analysts and account managers work together as one team, ensuring your efficiency. They keep you informed in real time via clear dash-boarding and reports. 

From selection to system

Farm Trans takes charge of your entire logistics process.

IT services

  • System development and integration (Mendix low-code)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Online order status, track & trace, reporting and BI

In this article of a series of four about Connected Services, you can read how IT has become the driving force behind our logistics services.

Account management
Detailed understanding of:

  • Service-level agreement and order status
  • Delivery and loading performance
  • Incident registration and claims

In this article in a series of four about Connected Services, you can read about the role that Carrier Management plays in the logistics of tomorrow.

Carrier Management
This includes:

  • Selection and tenders for logistics service providers
  • Contract management and performance reviews
  • Multimodal, sustainable and CO2-reducing solutions
  • Drafting and managing Standard Operating Procedures

In this article in a series of four about Connected Services, you can read about the role that Carrier Management plays in the logistics of tomorrow.

Operational management and coordination of transport
Arranging from start to finish:

  • Intake and assignment of transport orders
  • Adjusting slot times for loading and offloading
  • Pricing and invoicing
  • Status and event tracking
  • Handling customs activities and documents

In this article in a series on Connected Services, we explain more about the role of Operational Management at Farm Trans.

Smarter across Europe and the UK

Our own European network stretches from Ireland to Poland and, with our established partners, we serve the entire continent. Including the UK. With new hub-and-spoke connections and smart warehousing, we make transport even more efficient. Developed to the latest standards in logistics, our proprietary Logistics Managements System (LMS) connects everything – from order management to transport to receiving goods.

"With Connected Services, we are taking logistics to the next level.”

Jasper van Schip | Manager Connected Services

Let's get started!


Map out your logistics
Together, we put your process under the microscope. You will be allocated a dedicated contact person, acting as your quick and convenient point of contact for your overall logistics needs.


Tailor your logistics
Together, we design your logistics processes more efficiently and sustainably. With our service, you can achieve optimal transport flows without any hassles.


Start with continuous improvement
We tackle the improvement opportunities with the biggest gains first. In this way, you are on your way to a structurally improved transport process, today and in the future.

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"Would you like to know more about Connected Services? Direct all your queries to us. We’d be delighted to help you keep moving forward.”

Jasper van Schip | Manager Connected Services

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Transport professionals

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Branches with local teams

Better connections with Farm Trans

  • More efficient and sustainable transport across Europe, including the UK
  • Harness the power of ICT with the power of people
  • All your logistics data integrated in one system
  • One dedicated account manager for the entire process
  • Continuous insight via real-time dashboards and reports

Going next-level

The whole transport sector is talking about it. More efficient from A to B, with fewer emissions and more job satisfaction. Everyone is looking to the future. But looking is not enough. The future starts now. So we are focusing on it now. 

Every trip is data-driven

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