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Warehouse & cross-dock

Smart, fast delivery

You want to keep your storage supplies as minimal as possible, to be able to ensure fast deliveries. Farm Trans makes it all possible with cross-docking and smart warehousing.

Smart transhipment


Farm Trans gets your goods from A to B, via C, in the most efficient way possible. With groupage, we combine several loads into one large one. This way, we bring the most suitable freights together and transport them in the fastest and most sustainable way. At our cross-docking location, centrally located in the Benelux, we ensure the smooth transhipment of goods, including conditioned ones. With our smart IT solutions, we map the flow of goods and plot the most efficient transport means of transportation and routes.

This is how it works


At our cross-docking location, we combine several loads into one large one and transport it in the fastest and most sustainable way.


We transfer your goods from our cross-docking location to their final destination immediately after offloading, without storing the goods.


Do your goods need short-term storage anyway? Our people keep your cargo is secure at our strategically-located, central storage site in the Benelux.

"Would you like to know more about our warehouse solutions? Ask us any questions you like. We’d be delighted to help you keep moving forward.”

Tom Steenmeijer | Sales Manager


Do you require short-term storage? With Farm Trans’ Smart Warehousing, we store your goods safely under the most suitable conditions for your cargo. We have strategic storage sites across Europe, in collaboration with our partners, with refrigeration and freezing facilities and the authorized certification to store your food with the greatest care.

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