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Sustainable logistics

As a logistics service provider with an agricultural background, we feel it’s perfectly natural to do our work as sustainably as possible. We are also ambitious in our goals: by 2030, we want to work CO2-neutral, with a sustainably employable, healthy and energetic team. We do this by continuously innovating, investing and collaborating with our various partners.

Sustainable company

As a sustainable company, we focus on our environmental footprint, road and food safety, as well as value chain collaborations. For instance, we want to reduce our carbon footprint to be CO2-neutral by 2030, by using electrically-driven trucks, for example. We are already reducing our fuel consumption,yet increasing our load factor to reduce unnecessary mileage. Our drivers are taught a sustainable driving style at the Farm Trans Academy, and the Fleetboard installed in our trucks helps them to continue to do this during their trips.

Connected services

Farm Trans is strong in ICT and has an extensive transport network with partners across Europe and the UK. So you can entrust your entire logistics operation to us. We combine differentiated goods flows, services and routes intelligently to optimise your transportation. This is how we collaborate on more sustainable logistics, with all the added benefits for both time and cost factors.

Going next-level for planet and people

Sustainable employer

As a sustainable employer, we focus on a healthy and safe working environment and on attracting and retaining talent. Everyone is welcome at Farm Trans. We provide a pleasant working environment that includes spaces for sport and exercise, working-from-home options, safe truck cabins and flexible work schedules. At Farm Trans, you work in an open-minded culture where everything is negotiable. It is also an employer that lets you develop fully, by putting you through the Farm Trans Academy, so you can progress within the company.

Earth Day | Investing in Our Planet
Today is Earth Day with this year's theme 'Investing in Our Planet'.