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UK Transport

To and from the United Kingdom

Import and export without any hassles 

Transport your freights hassle-free to and from the UK, via Farm Trans. We arrange everything according to rules and regulations with our ICT infrastructure, our own office in the UK and our trailers. 

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Hassel-free overseas transport services
Everything is managed for you

Are you looking to transport large volumes from Europe to the UK on a regular basis? Farm Trans takes care of everything. Your freight is transported, unmanned, via ferry to our UK branch. From there, we take it to your final destination in the UK with our own fleet and drivers. Groupage, cross-docking and A-B deliveries are also possible. We work with specialised customs experts to ensure your cargo arrives without delay. So, you can transport goods overseas without worries or hassles.

Own fleet and branch

We transport your freight to the UK from several European countries. With our own fleet of trucks and trailers, we can ferry your loads quickly and smoothly and deliver them safely throughout the UK via our own branch office. We will accompany the freight from start to finish

Streamlined system

With our own Logistics Managements System (LMS), we streamline transport from departure to arrival. We manage all data at the minute – from order management and transport to goods receipt. This way, we have your freight routes mapped out and ensure efficient and safe transport within the UK. 

See the same as… Bulk Planner
Leano Ploeg (21) has been working at Farm Trans as a planner for our Bulk division for almost a year now . For as long as he can remember, he has been familiar with Farm Trans. His father started working as a truck driver there when Leano was born. As a child, he already started enjoying going off on truck drives with his father: "I used to go with him every holiday, as often as I could."